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About the villa of seven tips ___ zhongshan lighting lighting lighting design

by:Longjian     2020-09-28
Seven tips about villa lighting lighting design for many, the villa is not seeking to meet. There are also many villa owners, although do not hesitate to spend heavily to decorate, but still can't let villa highlights its proper atmosphere and noble. Decoration is a technology, but also an art. And villa lighting design, but also the indispensable art, make the finishing point. Villa lighting design scientific and reasonable, if you can do is to whole to decorate plus effect, on the contrary, let decorate level will be discounted. So, about the villa lighting design specific on what to do? Here, lamp act the role ofing is summarized about the villa lighting design Suggestions and advice, there are the following: at seven o 'clock, longxi, fine accurate positioning in general, the villa before undertaking decorating to villa design, probably had wanted style. At this point, the lighting designer will need to do according to the villa interior design style established lighting design. Or, owner needs in a particular space for a specific style, the theme of the lighting designer needs through the effect of lamplight, on modelling design, space and meet the demand of different functional theme of lighting. Second, the local lighting, building lighting solutions to large space that occupy the home, such as villa, the whole space is light, if we just can make the space looks relatively flat. At this time, we can adopt the way of local lighting, to create a light and shadow. The advantage is, can highlight space feeling, can use light and shadow on the division of space layout. In addition, the color temperature of light source, the warm light or neutral light, we recommended if the devotion to the luxury of lamplight, stay for a long time, can make person strange mood be agitated, on the contrary, soft lighting, not as light as high-end modern look, but comfort will be stronger. May need a light for a very small corner to ornament. Want to know, lighting is not only used for light, their overall decoration is also a kind of cooperation. So, in addition to focus on the light, we also need to pay attention to the modelling of the lamp itself of lamps and lanterns, light source choice. The lamps and lanterns of different space, such as to choose appropriate light source color temperature, while achieve intimacy, administrative levels feeling and exquisite feeling of the space. Four, fully rational utilization of the three major lighting form villa space is very large, usually involves the space also is more, if there is no a reasonable lighting design, it is easy to appear the space directly lack of harmony, nature of space atmosphere rendering is extremely unfavorable. The author thinks that, the main form of lighting are centralized lighting light source, auxiliary lighting light source, lighting source of type of illuminate all things, these three different forms of lighting can show a unique style, but for villa this large house lighting space, indispensable, and poor need composite applications. We think the more appropriate brightness is roughly the ratio 5:3:1, can be adjusted according to the requirements of the specific space. Five, make full use of natural light no matter how modern and beautiful lights, like natural light to pure and good. Whether commercial lighting design, villa or home lighting design, cannot leave the natural light. Lighting designers in order to let more natural light into the interior, and coordinated with interior lights, usually with care to design. Such as, for example, in the sitting room, study and bedroom space, usually set up relatively large French window, in late afternoon, even during the day or night, there will be plenty of natural light to come in, think of it, very nice picture? Natural light, and artificial lighting are highlighted the space atmosphere in order to more effectively, both equally important. Have to admit that, in daily life, a way of lighting alone, it is difficult to achieve ideal lighting effect. During the day, the introduction of natural light can achieve the basis of the large area lighting, comfortable and natural. And in the evening, artificial lighting has become main force, especially in matters of detail illume, sets appear more prominent. Six, intelligent lighting system will be a trend about the advantages of home intelligent lighting design, the author had also have written specifically introduced. If villa lighting design introduced intelligent dimming system, will no doubt make home life more comfortable and convenient. Intelligent lighting, on the other hand, is now a more advanced way of lighting, put on it, will not only make the whole villa decoration appears more feeling and fashion sense of science and technology, and implement energy conservation and environmental protection to a greater extent. Seven, aesthetic and photosynthetic efficiency even villa owners the local tyrants, money also is not to pick up. For example, in the case of natural light during the day, can not open the main light source. Even at night, if less people in the home, I want to read, also can open the floor lamp beside the sofa alone. Lighting designers, therefore, to fully understand the needs of users, according to the user's some personal and family habits, clever collocation of a few auxiliary lights. Better light efficiency, and secondly, energy conservation and environmental protection. That is the lamp for your summary about the villa lighting design seven tips and advice, hope can help to you!
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