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About students use desk lamp which good?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Now many of the parents for the children can spend more time in learning, in terms of vision is more and more important. Just to choose and buy a lamp that students study desk lamp, some BBS online consulting, some in baidu, the popular science and so on, but still merits. How do we go to the choose and buy a lamp that lets the child health is protected and can learn good desk lamp? As a professional engaged in the desk lamp that shield an eye manufacturer of r&d, we suggest that the child every day 1 - the outdoors 2 hours can effectively reduce myopia. The incandescent lamp, or the so-called no stroboscopic lamp, no rigorous experiments to prove that they really work in protecting eyesight, is more of a concept. There are several elements, the light intensity, spectra, stroboscope, now there is no one to do research for each sample should reach which value is more appropriate. In the expert opinion, myopia is the result of a combination, desk lamp is not one of the most important link, too, there is no need to use desk lamp reaches a certain intensity of illumination requirements, uniform light, brightness, parents and children test is not easy to feel tired. Good learning platform will slow down the children myopia, unreasonable design of Taiwan will speed up the child eyes myopia. Desk lamp is a bit like cooking oil in our diet. Use the desk lamp of poor light production is cooking oil; With brand production of desk lamp light source is peanut oil; With the full spectrum of LED light source production of desk lamp is olive oil. The stroboscopic, blu-ray, these parameters are similar color parameters such as heavy metals, harmful substance content in the oil. For our daily use of cooking oil, as long as it's not very cheap oil, we wouldn't have to worry about the harmful substances such as heavy metal exceeds bid. Likewise, for more than 200 yuan of lamp, we also do not need to worry too much about stroboscopic, blu-ray harm them. How to study desk lamp, the desk lamp of is a good study desk lamp? Since Thomas Edison invented the electric light, the light has to hundreds of millions of people, has become the necessary products in daily life. Nowadays the development of science and technology, people pursuit of light has not just the lighting, but the pursuit of a healthier lights. What kind of lights? That, of course, is the 'natural' comes from the natural environment, want to protect good vision, natural light is the first choice. Similarly, for a desk lamp, the closer the light spectra sunlight spectrum, the desk lamp, the eye. Spectroscopy is close to the sun is to measure the lamp that shield an eye lighting quality is one of the decisive factors in children.
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