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About modern art lamp type selection of the pursuit of what?

by:Longjian     2020-08-26
About the characteristics of modern art lamp and explanation of the contrast analysis and the purchase process, thus obtains, to learn that one aspect, common lamp is often a modern art crystal material or other aluminium alloy steel material, can achieve the result of simple and easy, and is able to bear or endure look, still can meet the demand of basic lighting, even some intelligent support our sitting room lamps and lanterns of color and light intensity adjustment, to create a more comfortable atmosphere that occupy the home late. Lamp selection of modern art pursuit is concise and lively, beautiful shape and eliminated the past devotion to surface decoration style too much. Both emphasizes the individuality, and stress and the coordination of environmental background, also pay attention to the lamps and lanterns is the simple sense of material performance. In order to ensure that the lighting and visual comfort, lamps and lanterns are equipped with all kinds of series of complete sets of accessories to choose, to users according to need to adjust. The development of modern lighting technology and the appearance of new material, new scientific and technological achievements, and people of various lighting principle and the research of using the environment, greatly enriched the lamp of the lighting environment in modern art expressive force and its unique artistic charm. Light thus presents some new development trends of modern art. Modern art design has not only for simple lighting lamp, beautification products, more important is to use technology, through the reasonable design of the structure and function of lamps and lanterns, to meet the actual demand and bring the performance of the light source. Light of modern art design, from the perspective of the lighting effect first commonly, use computer aided design, the intensity of illumination and light distribution curve to calculate lighting places after the structural design, product design is a graphic designer, after the owner make the lamps and lanterns on the premise of meet the requirements of product function, exterior modelling beautiful, comfortable, durable as much as possible. Using scene selector and the light source and low voltage lighting systems, working with usually wired flexible lighting design combined with multi-point control. This scenario dimmer and remote controller can be installed in multiplex, optional combination, apply to the conference room, museums and other places, convenient, flexible and control effect is significant. Using computer remote control computer and indoor lighting control system, with the degree of natural lighting, day and night time and the user's requirements, automatically change the status of indoor decoration lighting light source, the entire lighting system parameter setting, change, and monitoring implementation through the screen. This control method is suitable for hotels, shopping malls and other civilian facilities.
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