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About art lamp brand how to avoid the phenomenon of engineering budget exceeds the investment

by:Longjian     2020-09-09
City art lamp brand lighting technology solutions is the core of the brand design art lamp, lamp is art brand lighting engineering quality, level, cost and time limit for a project such as the comprehensive embodiment of the indicators. Should be highlighted in the whole design work, targeted, advanced, innovative and feasibility. Targeted is the purpose of the project, function and function; Advanced is engineering design must be considered a lead, the project has the life and times feeling; Innovation is based on new technology digestion and absorption of innovation; Engineering design feasibility is refers to not only conform to the functional requirements, and in line with the social trends, both should be suitable for the status quo and should be suitable for the development. As a lighting engineering design, often should have the following content: (1) determination of intensity of illumination and intensity of illumination compensation coefficient; Choose illume way; The choice of light source and lamps and lanterns; The reasonable arrangement of lamps and lanterns; Intensity of illumination computation; Power supply panel allocation and installation location; Distributor of electrical configuration; Walk pipe line; Into the line go line; Cable type and installation method; Line is calculated. (2) engineering design, in accordance with the requirements of technical solution, preparation of drawings list; Draw the electric lighting circuit layout; Design of power supply system diagram; Electric lighting equipment and material list. All lamps and lanterns, switch, please indicate which line, power distribution equipment location, cable type, number and installation methods, the wire length and the load. (3) art brand lamp lighting engineering cost is a comprehensive index, to give full play to the role of the investment benefit is very important. To control cost throughout the course of urban art lamp lighting brand construction. Starting from the design stage, the budget and design personnel according to the engineering general situation and the preparation of engineering budgetary estimate of investment, reasonable design, avoid the phenomenon of engineering budget exceeds the amount of investment.
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