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A variety of elements mixing elements can also be very elegant and contemporary and contracted is big! ( LED acrylic chandelier]

by:Longjian     2020-10-11
A variety of elements mixing elements can also be very elegant and contemporary and contracted is big! ( LED acrylic chandelier] Although the small flat is a combination of various elements, but still give a person a kind of elegant feeling. The deepest impression is the red brick wall design, make whole space appears to have full industrial, dark blue to join also let the apartment looks pure and fresh and elegant. Porch place, a round mirror, can arrange makeup look, also can decorate metope. Wooden stool in shoes, convenient and practical, and emotional appeal. Red brick wall is very attractive eye, set several metal coat hook, saturated with the smell of a wild. The other side of the porch set up a simple embedded clothes tree. When you go out, can hang your clothes here, under normal wear shoes, very clean and tidy. Large Windows inside the sitting room, can ensure adequate lighting. Pale blue sofa, black round tea table and gray carpet, very harmonious combination. Light grey to the wall of the sitting room space also appears more capacious. In addition to the harmony of color, the decoration of the host also used different decorate the living room. Black and white tonal adornment picture, the black guitar, full of design feeling of contemporary and contracted LED floor lamp, give a person the sense of simplicity and do not break vogue. Standing on the sofa can see the door of bedroom and into the living room. White cabinet, the desk lamp of personality and the candlestick, circular mirrors that restore ancient ways, pure and fresh green plant adornment, delicate, each sending out the strong artistic breath, let the light in the corner of the no longer drab. The bedroom still continue to use the blue and white of the sitting room. Bed is very big, is also very spacious, window to let in full sunlight. Inside the bedroom decorate very attentively, metal table lamp and frame with a high sense of the bedroom. The droplight with qualitative material of feather soft and warm feeling to the person, very suitable for the bedroom. Inside toilet, collocation of white ceramic tile grey-blue color floor tile, appearing in the simple quietly elegant. Installed inside the most glass shower, dry wet depart, convenient and health. Details were revealed in the master's elegant temperament. Gold hardware accessories and marble material work station, make kitchen looks noble, have qualitative feeling. The inside corner of the kitchen, there is a room, you guess what is behind the red brick wall? The answer: the kitchen storage room. Of copper iron stand simple shelf, vegetables, spices, snacks, drinks can be neatly placed in the above, be clear at a glance. In an obscure corner with very strong flavor industry. There is a problem, but the room such things won't be broken? Restaurant close to the balcony, white chairs and wooden table on the polished floor tile, store between content of red brick wall good ACTS as the background wall, what no hanging ornaments. Sit here to have a meal, every day you can see the scenery out of the window, nice and warm. The location of the restaurant side against the wall, set a dark blue store content ark, store content ark between some vacant, can put the coffee machine, convenient operation. Next to the ladder against the wall, convenient to take the cabinet height, also can be used when the shelf. In order to coordinate with integral space, so the host chose ladder and into the wood, special have emotional appeal. Balcony floor laid very personal, put on a simple tea table and chair, a lamp and a green plant, can let us thoroughly relax here, enjoy the life better. Source: a good house
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