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a radiant affair: ceiling lights that dazzle with looks as well as watts

by:Longjian     2020-04-08
Marks & Spencer 75 ceiling light. Your living-
The room will bloom with this gorgeous work made of natural shells.
0845 609 0200, marksandspencer. com2.
Smoke Nakita cluster pendant £ 150.
Let these six lights fall down. Light, raindrops
Style accessories, 0845 196 0000, bhs. co. uk3.
Purple-red Gypsy Qian deli Ye 129
99, contemporary home.
A daring bohemian.
0845 130 8229, tch. net4.
Titan pendant No. 3: 209 (exc VAT), Original BTC.
One of a range of fashion industrial accessories from international well-known companies.
Light is important. co. uk5.
John Lewis, the Sky Lantern at Calle bloom.
Brought some serious enlightenment to this pioneer. garde design.
0845 604 9049, johnlewis. com6.
Worcester chandelier Light £ 170, French Bedroom Company.
This felt top hat is designed in elegant and comic colors.
0845 644 8022, French company. co.
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