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A new version of the LED street lamp July formally implement the national standard, LED lighting brand, lighting wholesale, wholesale, modern lamp hotel modern lamp project,

by:Longjian     2020-10-16
The national standard GB7000. 203 - 2013 'lamps and lanterns - 2 Part 3: special requirements road and street lighting lamps and lanterns 'formally come into effect on July 1, 2015, the standard will replace streetlights standard GB7000 has been used for ten years. 5 - 2005. So, what's the difference between a new standard compared to the old standard? Relevant enterprises and how to deal with? The following will be detailed answers for you. Compared to the new standard and old standard, basically has the following three technologies: 1, increase the highest installation height mark requirements should be specified in the specification of lamps and lanterns manufacturers the highest installation height. When mark greater than 5 meters, lamps and lanterns of the glass ( If any) Should meet the standard 6. The security requirement of 5 terms. Only 2, modify the glass safety testing requirements of the old standard specifies the test method of flat glass, and the new standard will be shaped glass is also included in the examinational scope, which means that the use of the lamps in the curved glass lampshade also need to satisfy the glass safety requirements. Compared to the new standard and old standard, increased an alternative way of conformity assessment, the way that the glass at the same time satisfy the following two conditions: ( 1) Using pendulum or vertical drop on the glass 5 joule after the impact energy of the glass can't fracture. ( 2) Using the impact head will shatter glass, in the side length of 50 mm square area should be greater than the number of glass pieces within 20. In addition, the new standard of the old standard and modified way of conformity assessment. The conformity assessment way for the old standard: the use of impact head after glass break, for 50 mm in length of square area should be greater than the number of glass pieces within 60. The new standard require only fragments of glass more than 40. Please pay attention to the demands and the second paragraph of the difference. Shards of glass for more than 40 can be convicted for qualified directly, and more than 20 pieces of 5 joule shock at the same time also need to satisfy the requirements of the glass after fracture. 3, the glass should be used under the thermal limit, the glass should be used under the thermal limit of glass manufacturers claim. Thermal limit should include glass allows the minimum and maximum temperature, as well as the largest Δ t value. Led lights, led the modern living room lamp, led modern wall lamp hotline: QQ:
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