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A family to decorate the way you choose contracted creative lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-10-17
In choose lamps and lanterns of simple ideas, you should pay attention to the following questions: first, to pay attention to the coordination of color, cool color and warm color depending on the purpose. Second, avoid dazzle light, eliminate eye fatigue, protect eyesight, protect health, improve the efficiency of work and study. Third, we should reasonable distribution of light, ceiling light and bright, make the person feels more space, lively and cheerful; Ceiling light, make the person feels cramped, depression. Fourth, the illuminate of lamplight direction and the strength of the light to the right. Fifth, to express the theme, foil atmosphere. Sixth, lamplight decorate with the size of the room, the environment, modelling, style is consistent, metope colour, material, have the use of make the finishing point.
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