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6 best fireplace creative collocation, as a designer, you must see

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
The fireplace in a variety of forms, from the early houses found in large eng nuuk style to the Georgian and Victorian models can be said to be everything of cast iron, marble, etc. Stand out in the 1960 s, electric fireplace, gradually replaced the status of the fireplace once, have become the new home overlord, but fashion trend growing, now is the wind restoring ancient ways the s, with a heavy sense of history and nostalgic fireplace again after dozens of years after the return to the human society, staged an the drama of the return of the king. Therefore, molina within range for a lot of different periods of fireplace old photos, if you happen to also want to in their own decoration design, add a little bit of that element in this article about traditional old fireplace design is carefully build for you. Few words said, get into the business. When the neoclassical fireplace and a person of extraordinary powers curtilage encounters are as important as choosing the right style fireplace, make sure that you choose to design is the appropriate proportion. In other words, it should make the room the size of the size of the more balanced, too delicate small fireplace can appear a little redundant, but too large size model is a more outside slightly bulky XuanBing Lord. The fireplace is the focal point of the room, can be a topic, people gathered for the correct design and style can make ordinary room different from others. If you can carefully selected for home style and interior design, we have some simple design can still looks magnificent, and in any room is impressive. Small space to choose the fireplace at home to celebrate the acquisition of raw materials. The checker brick fireplace and ruby Persian carpet added bright red color for the fireplace. Choose neutral, light color helps to show the bare brick walls, in the picture is not complete the mantel attracted people's attention, let original characteristics of wild and bold and unrestrained self-evident. Fireplace in the size and the relationship between the size of the room about the size of the fireplace, shape and proportion, no real hard and fast rules, because each room is unique, and according to the light, interior layout and ceiling height, the appearance will feel very different. But, in general, avoid to large fireplace type crammed into a small room is a basic consensus, likewise, nor in the large space of empty place a medium-sized fireplace, will appear too empty neither fish nor fowl. The Victorian Victorian and Edwardian marble fireplace design houses often have marble. If you are the original fireplace has been removed, so for the sake of taking care of the integral style of the house can consider to continue to buy marble fireplace type restoring ancient ways, but no matter which style you choose, fireplace and chimney need regular attention to work safely and effectively, even if they don't use them, also must carry out some routine maintenance. 18th century industry in domestic traditional fireplace design to the 18th century, the core of the fireplace has become the most main lounge component, therefore, if you are lucky enough to live in the house of this period, please try to respect tradition, then choose that design may not be able to be known as leading the fashion, but absolutely can let a person find everything new and fresh. Taking this opportunity, also can check the structure of the chimney is still under safe and reliable. Good advice about choosing fire or natural gas, please consult the relevant expert in the field, the expert will provide you with advice, installation and recommend the local assembly with appropriate qualification engineer or an electrical engineer. Install modern fireplace easy maintenance you may worry that modern housing design is out of step with the old fireplace, this need not, because most of the models are allowed to set up on the antique mantel, can literally now has become a popular choice of the family all the time, because the fire was completely limited to the fireplace hearth, this means that compared with the traditional open old fireplace, sundry, much less pollutants. Modern fireplace, has the very good controllability, and transparent glass doors make stove best GuanShangPin leisure time at home. In addition, it is the heat generated by the open old fireplace five times, and is more environmentally friendly alternatives. ( Pictures are from the network, infringing the delete)
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