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32 square meters small apartment spare space of contemporary and contracted style [ Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-15
32 square meters small apartment spare space of contemporary and contracted style [ Contemporary and contracted droplight] This is a 32 square meter small apartment in Moscow, in very limited space to achieve the sitting room, video room, bedroom, workshop, rest area, kitchen, bathroom, hall and other functions must use designers think of opportunely, a space to achieve a variety of purposes. Every corner, scattered space also want to use, small space also can realize more likely. In this room, stylist USES is the combination of color and white color is tie-in, partial shallow tonal can enlarge a little depth of the space, this could be a reference for the small family families. On the sofa in the sitting room area did step two step processing, above the sofa set up the projector, so little space owner still pay attention to the quality of life, pull the curtain of sitting room area a second video room. Can be seen from the picture on the step of the process is not only for the dimensional feeling of the projection booth, pull the steps from the board with soft mat, covered with sheets, sitting room and immediately turned into a bedroom. Not specifically for the bedroom into a closed area makes some spare, on the other side of the sitting room owner asked a fake fireplace above simple hang a clock, to the area as a quiet thinking, relaxing rest area, very creative. Kitchen area also with concise give priority to, fixed furniture such as relative centrally placed pool, hearth, in the middle position still can put on a table and contemporary and contracted meals chandeliers, then arrange stage area can be relatively reduced. Collage on kitchen metope ceramic tile of the shape of the sizes and the entrance hall of the wood veneer color set each other off becomes an interest, the different design of concave and convex make metope have stereo feeling. Enter-door bold choose bouncing feeling strong blue, adds a lot to indoor vigor and move feeling. Clean the gray with the geometric pattern of artistic ceramic tile, clean and comfortable space for one who is, won't care about space is relatively narrow. Balcony door chose move the door, save a space can also be reading in the balcony corner set a working area, the rational use of fragmentary space magnified housing use more likely. Put the sofa in the balcony corner, top and bottom are made to receive, beautiful and practical. Source: and home network
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