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3 minutes, read wood fireplace is the preferred heating of the villa

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Villa in the Chinese dictionary with the impression is always a symbol of the high-end, both from the living environment and living places, are undoubtedly has a higher request, if not by the castle peak green water, always so not not bashful to the outside world claim to live in a villa. With to live their, residential areas, villas away from the noisy city, in the boundary of the nature and human society upright, most of the people can afford a villa, also did not directly to family moved in, because without him, and all his possessions, connections in the 'siege' of, if want really left home and industry return to nature, away from the crowd, it lists a bit unrealistic. So, the villa after speaking or successful people on holiday, the whereabouts of the weekend. But in or moisture heavy high altitude areas, the villa clearing damp heat has become a headache priority, air conditioning? Don't lie, I this is the villa, taste too high; Floor heating? Over the past year several times? Who will maintain the floor heating? Drain off two clearing damp heat player, our choices are seemingly are limited, but the most of this, the most suitable for you, the you find place, get whole don't bother, is this the only remaining choices - — Wood fireplace. Before human beings, there is day thunder, fire; At the beginning of the human, simulated flight, around the furnace is a kind of normal life; In the human development until now, the United Nations, have initiative and multi-purpose heating. Compared with the use of non-renewable resources of coal thermal power, burning wood effect is remarkable, the first wood is a renewable resource, when to generate heat, not because of energy conversion and cause unnecessary loss, means that make full use of the resources reasonably; And the past thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, because no reduce ozone holes, glaciers, climate abnormal happens, visible, in the field of environmental protection, also has a great advantage. Wood fireplace is can pass, including wood fuel for combustion heating meet people's basic needs such as clearing damp heating device, fireplace in the test experiment, for power, all much better than the traditional air conditioning, heating device, etc. , minus 10 ℃, the space of 80 ㎡, wood burning fireplace in normal ventilation, normal conditions, only need less than 15 minutes and can promote to extremely comfortable room temperature 20 ℃. Wood fireplace thermal efficiency with high combustion efficiency, especially those imported brands, such as the international well-known fireplace manufacturer Palazzetti fireplace company, they all types of product parts is durable, even if in the past many years, every parts of the old fireplace is still intact. Because Palazzetti all products are passed through two detection, security detection circuit for the first time, and the function of each component; After to secondary test the assembled products. Double checking to ensure the Palazzetti high quality products to withstand the test of time. Italian design and production to ensure the product quality and level. Palazzetti at the same time as an international first-class fireplace manufacturer has deep cognition to the market demand, to meet the customer's tastes and ideas different geographical regions. Perhaps these empty words can't intuitive let you get some kind of cognitive, so we can, in a sense, in terms of safety and emissions, Palazzetti execution of Europe's most stringent standards; In terms of quality and quality, passed the CE, IMQ, Palazzetti Kiwa, CSTB, DIN and other European certification authoritative testing institutions. Palazzetti certificate, Palazzetti fulfill not only the law of obligations stipulated in the fireplace in the industry, is also a fireplace to its production enterprise values of an execution. The production of wood fireplace, combustion efficiency is as high as 80%, this is a what concept? The fuel will be completely full is consumed in the chamber of a stove or furnace, won't produce visible particles and combustion efficiency with the heating power is proportional to the, the more the more efficient heating, especially these imported wood fireplace, secondary combustion ability in most cases, before the cold air suction, work will be started in the chamber of a stove or furnace combustion, thus to fundamentally to avoid the cold air into the efficiency drop, after the first dust produced by combustion will be reserved for secondary combustion in the furnace. Can completely meet the need of a villa is located in the cold area has all heating.
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