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3 d atomization fireplace is how to install the fireplace to take a chestnut

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Popular light decorate a style to whether it is contracted and contemporary or excessive wind, as long as a fireplace elements, immediately become lively, dust is dye-in-the-wood. From the body feeling on air humidity appropriate, more comfortable. From the perspective of 3 d atomization fireplace, whether it is manual, intelligent, with charcoal, simple plane, collocation is proper, the overall effect is very beautiful, the grade, atomization fireplace is the good family, not make public, don't swagger, but temperament is cannot little. Above three images, from 1 and 2 points on modelling is without the contracted modelling of charcoal, and the third is with charcoal, outside with marble mantelpiece. From the perspective of intelligence and manual book, daiichi case is intelligent, the second is manually adding water. No matter which kind of fire are elegant and beautiful. Me the atomization fireplace installed under the matters needing attention, compared with 2 d electric fireplace, installation is from above, sit to reserve base, rather than the 2 d from the front it is ok to push back. Reserved aspects need to leave a slot, convenient to put in the fireplace. Or wood can be material is marble, marble texture will be better, of course, wooden must pay attention to the bearing, fireplace itself has a certain weight, make sure put in the weight of the rear panel, the height of the general tank - in 170 Around 250. Guarantee into the wind, even at the same time reserved inlet, as shown in figure can according to our fireplace reserved bottom minister strip or round shape, and other aspects of air intake mouth can. Long as far as possible and let's length is close to the fireplace. The following step is to put the fireplace in the reserved in the mouth of the cave, the following figure. Avoid by all means is filled with light when put in water. Put away is the effect, in order to make the flame more plump, the length of the fireplace with reserved length is close to a little bit a little bit more beautiful. Flame height 450 - above the mouth of the cave 650 space can be, basically be to see our overall design, and the size of the flame can be adjust. Bigger flame height allows you won't appear depressive, if less than flame adjustment of small a few, no matter how changes in the shape of the flame and flame, finally appear in front of our eyes is a beautiful picture scroll. Enjoy a luxurious fireplace, interprets the beauty and wisdom.
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