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3 d atomization fireplace can warm you, what's the characteristics and advantages of it

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
3 d atomization fireplace's main function is to decorate beautification, foil atmosphere, and no actual heating effect. As for the reasons, this should speak of from the principle of the fireplace. 3 d atomization principle of the fireplace is the application of ultrasonic atomizer will water atomization, after the fan may air natural activities will be the fog from the mouth of the fireplace, with lights, imitate the effect of flames, and atomization fireplace device are falling, in addition to imitate its surface flame, there is no other installation. If the atomization fireplace with heating function, heating components would be on the box body, heating principle, like a hair dryer. If so, the structure principle of embedding atomization fireplace when you perhaps other outsourcing information grooves in marble, marble surface of outsourcing to obligate outlet, but such adornment effect may not be what you want. Outlet at the same time, the heating of the heat flow atomizing airflow around the fireplace disorders, the fireplace is out of the water mist to positive perhaps activity down, directly affect the atomization fireplace was supposed to imitate the effect of the flame. So, 3 d atomization fireplace is not warm. 3 d atomization effect of the main characteristics and advantages of the fireplace is lifelike, like a dream. With wood burning 'crack effect', the wood as the flames flicker brightness, the overall effect more lifelike, is a big difference with the traditional electric fireplace flame effect of plane, fire and smoke can bring a person never had a real feeling. And the fireplace also can adapt to all kinds of places, experience, build on and don't seem to like the dream is decorating a design, such as furniture, hotel, etc. More knowledge of the fireplace, welcome consulting fireplace!
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