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2019, do you know the new Nordic modern lamp

by:Longjian     2020-08-29
Light of modern art exhibition hall in the future, you can see a unique art form the modern lamp, torch, can see extremely personality can see was wonderfully post-modern art lamp, you can see the modern and the northern wind ingenious union artistic lamps. All sorts of clever new style of modern art lamp, can completely overturn your imagination, let you understand, the original really unique personality can be independent, can such clever become modern art lamp right now. Young, represents a unique individual character, standing at the crossroads of flow, should clearly recognize their own position, they want to reach, choose their own direction. On the basis of the inheritance of the traditional advantages, also may be a different approach. Nordic modern lamp, it is a necessity, is also a modern Nordic light, is a necessity, is also a kind of decoration, but also a embodiment of taste and style, chandeliers, wall lamp, Nordic household or floor lamp is not good, destroy hard pack out home points minutes too. Modelling concise and elegant, pay attention to form aesthetic feeling, do not rely on decoration. The modern lamp mainly refers to the northern European countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland's interior and furniture design style. Due to the five countries near the North Pole, cold climate, rich forest resources, thus formed the unique style of interior decoration. Modern Nordic light return to nature, advocating log lasting appeal, along with modern, practical, elegant design style of art, reflects the modern urbanite another thought direction after entering the post-modern society. The basic spirit of the boreal Europe style is: functional, people-oriented design. Boreal Europe furniture appearance is concise and powerful, natural color, advocating log lasting appeal, embodies the Nordic people in the pursuit of high quality life. Boreal Europe furniture show restraint, to form and decoration of traditional values of respect, preference for the natural material, unity of form and function, to the quality manual. Boreal Europe furniture emphasizes the perfect combination of simple structure and comfortable function, even if is to design a chair, not only should pursue its modelling beautiful, pay more attention to the human body engineering, how exquisite it curve fit together perfectly when in contact with human body, it broke through the process, the technology of rigid idea, melts into people's main body consciousness, to become full of rationality.
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