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10 chic and timeless floor lamps that will make a statement

by:Longjian     2020-03-07
The right floor lamp can really be the finishing touches of a space.
Whether you need an extra lighting or a purely decorative reason --probably both —
The floor lamp can definitely enhance the space in function and aesthetics.
Several important details to consider when purchasing a perfect floor lamp are style, shape, size and finish.
Knowing these design details will help you find the perfect floor lamp for your space.
The style of the floor lamp should complement your other furniture well to improve the overall aesthetic feeling of the environment. From mid-
From modern to modern, there are hundreds of cities (literally)
You can choose a floor lamp suitable for the design appearance you want to achieve.
The shape is another element in the design and it can easily provide the opportunity to state your floor lamp.
For example, the oversized arc floor lamp hidden in the corner of the living room increases the drama and fun of the space.
Next, height should be considered.
Fortunately, more and more lights have the option to make adjustments, which helps to ease the burden of dealing with this design factor.
Finally, the end.
This is crucial.
Whether covered with warm polished brass or finished with cool polished chrome, the finish of the Longjian floor lamp can lift your space to a new, more stylish level.
I don\'t know where to start looking? Don\'t worry.
We have planned 15 different styles of fixtures, but they are timeless in design.
This sculpture floor lamp of West Elm, the Caldas floor lamp of West Elm, adopts a natural solid wood frame and defines the middle
Modern style of the century.
The Caldas floor lamp costs $262. Shop NowTri-
Designed in this classic three-arm floor lamp
The arm floor lamp designed at your fingertips is a stylish and timeless style that works well in both traditional and contemporary spaces. This Tri-
The Arm floor lamp costs $972.
Featuring a cylindrical frosted glass tone and black frame, Stefan ors features brass details, this mid-range productcentury-
Inspiration design will enhance any environment.
Stefan\'s Longjian floor lamp costs $1,091.
Ralph Lauren home\'s NowBrompton floor lamp features a clean and simple base made of warm polished nickel, a classic floor lamp designed by Ralph Lauren in almost any environment
The Brompton floor lamp costs $1,979.
By fixing the hardware, buy the NowPyramid retractable floor lamp with metal shadows. This minimalist floor lamp comes with a repair hardware with an adjustable base with a clean polished nickel plated surface
The pyramid retractable floor lamp costs $449.
The luxurious oversized arc floor lamp of HermesThis Hermes features Taurillon leather base and extension, providing direct and diffuse lighting.
This floor lamp will modernize and update any settings immediately.
This Hermes pantopihe arc floor lamp costs $27,100.
This floor lamp designed by Miles Redd will create a stylish and private environment.
The decorative floor lamps in Reed are available for sale for $184.
This floor lamp for Haus White floor lampshade Shop CB2 Shop CB2 features an oversized cylindrical White lampshade inside a brass frame.
This design will subtly add height to any space.
Haus white floor lamp for $249.
Pavilion NowMaxima working floor lamp by Jonathan AdlerThis Mid-Autumn Festival
Jonathan Adler\'s century-inspired Longjian floor lamp works well in many different settings to create a stylish and exquisite look.
The Maxima Task floor lamp costs $695.
Buy NowMiles polished nickel arc lamp with Crate and Barrel this classic Crate and Barrel arc floor lamp will make a statement while offering expensive at a reasonable price
Miles polished nickel Arc Light for $184.
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